Newport Coast Pizzeria offers fundraising opportunities in support of our local schools and non-profit organizations.

Our most popular opportunity includes a week-long fundraiser in which 10% of all sales from your supporters is awarded to you by Newport Coast Pizzeria. This is especially successful as your supporters can dine-in several times in that week and allows a flexible schedule rather than being held to one specific day of dining.

The traditional one-day fundraiser is also available and carries the 10% award from gross sales, however it is limited to one specific day.

Each program requires the guest to present a flyer outlining the fundraising opportunity to ensure credit to your group.

Standard flyers designed by Newport Coast Pizzeria include pertinent information related to your organization along with instructions outlining details of the fundraiser. The completed, digital flyer is provided to you via email for use in printing unlimited quantities to be distributed to your potential supporters.

To schedule your fundraiser, please speak with Julie by calling Newport Coast Pizzeria at 949.644.5888.

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